The Advantages of LCD Flat Panel Televison

lcd-flat-screen-tvWhen considering a 32 flat screen TV one of the first decisions is if you should buy a LCD or a plasma flat panel HDTV.  The flat panel TV now is the dominant style in the HDTV world.  Most experts in TV displays still consider the Plasma flat panel to produce a better picture than a LCD style panel. To some extent the application of the TV makes a difference.  If picture quality is the first priority then a high quality plasma panel will out perform a high quality LCD flat panel display.  The plasma panel has a better black level performance which means the output has a greater contrast ratio.
The better black level performance results in a deeper and more saturated color.  Lets review the cons of a plasma display.

Plasma Disadvantages:

- Performance in  situations where there are light reflections means   distractions from light reflecting off the reflective screen.

- Less bright than LCD panels.

-  Static images can cause burn in problem.

- Consumes more energy than LCD panels.

- May not perform as well as LCD panel at higher altitude.

LCD Advantages

- Very bright picture and better able to prodcue a good picture in high   light viewing situations.

- No problems with phosphor 0r image burn in.

- Operates in high altitude situations without problems.

LCD Disadvantages

- When compared to plasma the contrast ratio is poorer due to poor black level performance.  Color saturation is poorer than with plasma displays and there is less "snap' or 'pop" to the picture.

- Motion tracking is poorer and there is some lag in fast moving  scenes.

-  Generally speaking a LCD display over 50 inches will cost more than a plasma of the same size.

Before you decide which type of display you want to buy you should decide where you will be locating the display and how you will use the display.  If you can control the ambient lighting and you watch Blu-ray, high motion sports, and HDTV content, then the plasma would be the best choice.

In contrast to plasma displays if you operate a LCD display in a high light situation such as in a room where there are no shades or light control, you will be happier with the LCD.  Since there are no risks of phosphor burn with LCD's they are more suitable to video game uses where an image may be left in a stationary position for a long time.

In spite of the differences between the two technologies, the best thing to do when shopping is to view displays of both types.  No two displays are created equal and shopping for price alone may be a mistake.  There are great buys in LCD flat screen sets and you can find many of them here in a large selection at good prices.