Haier tv problems

Haier tv problems

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Haier Volume problems?

The volume on my haier tv has stopped working. It works fine with the PS2 but no sound comes out when we change the input to cable. Im completely confused, is it the cable box or the audio output board in the tv?
Okay cutting the power to the cable box off and turning it on again worked. Thanks much!

Well the PS2 tells me the audio amp and controller IC is ok, but how are you connecting the Cable box TO the TV set??

If you recieve Cable on channel 3, then look on your remote for a SAP/MAIN button that selects the SAP audio or MAIN audio from the Channel 3 tuner....that's a very easy button to accidently push. You want to press it until you see main or stereo appear, you do not want SAP mode which mutes MOST audio.

Now, if you are using either the 3 wire RCA or the 5 wire component connections between the two then you want to RESEAT all connectors on both ends. They are notorious for slowly pulling out over time....

And if you are using HDMI then Unplug power from the Cable box for 5 minutes (do this no matter what connection you have ! )
Reconnect it, wait 2 minutes for the box to reboot and fire it up....you should have sound within one minute of turn on....

The LAST possibility...some cable boxes have their own volume control, and it may be turned down all the way.
Get your cable remote, set the top button to Cable (not TV) and then try the volume control again. You may see a totally different volume bar appear on your TV set if you do...max it out and leave it there.

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