Hard reset vizio tv

Hard reset vizio tv

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Vizio 32inch has puple all over screen?

My 13 month old Vizio 32 inch LCD tv recently started having a purple hue over anything that is supposed to be white. This include the menu titles, channels, even my PS3 screen. Vizio said it's out of warranty, and after doing a hard-reset, and going back to factory settings the problem is not solved. They gave me phone numbers to "ITI", and "HD Repair" services. Before I call, I was wondering has anyone had similair problems and how much did it cost to fix it?
No component cables, just a coaxial for cable box, and HDMI for PS3 (bought a cheap one off online, could that have affected it?)

Component cables being used on your TV set?

You may have ONE OF THREE video connections slightly disconnected and affecting the overall color.

Reseat all of them and see if that clears it up.