Panasonic hdtv 1080i owners manual

Panasonic hdtv 1080i owners manual

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where can i find 'owner's manual' for 52'' Panasonic 1080i HDTV (online)?

I bought a 52'' Panasonic 1080i HDTV like 3 years ago. But I moved and I lost the owner's manual for it. Where do you think I can get one online.
Please help me..I really need it!
Look on the back of the TV near all the Jack and it should have the model number.

The liquid crystal display television is now a very popular product in the global markets. But lay person will find it difficult to understand the significance of many terms or characteristics that are mentioned in the catalogues or advertisements. Very often consumer wonders about the difference between High Definition Television (HDTV) and HD Ready LCD television. It is to be understood that the high definition television is based on digital mode telecasting system. Due to the digital video compression, HDTV required lesser bandwidth. It will be provided with a high definition timer to make the system capable of receiving HD channels from a hook up antenna. Now a days LCD television sets are featured with HD timer and they can offer enhanced screen rate display.

But there are LCD televisions which usually display only analogue channels. To make such televisions capable of receiving digital telecasts a separate tuner should be provided. Once this special tuner is attached to the analogue unit, it is known as HD ready LCD television, indicating that the set is enabled to receive digital programmes also. To be precise, it can receive both analogue and digital programmes. HD ready television can have conventional aspect ratio of 4:3 or the widescreen format of 16:9 ratio. There will be NTSC tuner also in the system which enables it to receive analogue signals. More and more areas and countries are changing over to digital mode of telecasting in the world, but there are places where analogue is still in vogue. Consumers who live in regions where both types of telecasts are available can opt for HD Ready television to watch both types of programmes. The HD ready TV will have the advantage of having capability to process high definition signals at 720p, 1080i and 1080p in digital mode. Such LCD televisions will have a minimum native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The HD ready LCD television is now a much sought after product in the market. It can yield clear, sharp or crisp display. At times it may become necessary to up grade the existing television to make it compatible with high definition telecasts. Apart from the minimum native resolution, an HD ready television should also have analogue HD input, accepted video format without distortion and digital HDMI or DVI input. The consumer should make sure that television is having HD Ready logo while shopping for one. All leading players in the global television market have introduced their products with variety of features. LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Philips are among such leading manufacturers. Prices vary according to size and other features incorporated in them.

As in the case of all consumer electronics, television market is now very vibrant notwithstanding the global economic slowdown. There are special websites which deal with LCD television of all models, types and makes. Consumers should visit the relevant websites to locate a favourite product within the budget but with all desired features. Plethora of publicity materials and catalogues may at times confuse the shoppers. But there are reliable dealers who offer constructive suggestions in the matter of choosing a television. Make use of price comparison sites to strike bargains.

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