Sanyo lcd tv reliability

Sanyo lcd tv reliability

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Which LCD Television?

I have been looking for a new LCD TV for around £200, and after a lot of research have narrowed my choices down to the following options:

Samsung LE19R88BDX 19" for £250 or £300 with 5 year guarantee - majorly pushing the budget but worth it for a better name and reliability?

Acoustic Solutions CTVL26W3HD 26" for £230 - much bigger than anything else I have found in the price range and seems to have good specs, but perhaps too good to be true?

Cello E1906DVB 19" for £230 - good specs although again unknown brand, main selling point is a free 5 year guarantee.

Sanyo CE20WLD25B 20" for £200 - cheapest with respectable specs and seems a good overall deal.

What do you think would be the best choice? Shall I take a risk with a lesser known brand?

The answer to your question depends on how big a gambler you are. Because these new TVs are so expensive compared with the prices we've become used to expect a TV to cost, there's an influx of unknown brands hitting the stores. Many of them have decent, although not top shelf, pictures. The big problem is they have poor warranties, and absolutely no after warranty repair services. You can't repair them, because you can't get parts for them. So back to my opening statement. If you buy one, you're gambling it won't fail, because if it does, you throw it away.
By the way, by lousy warranties, I mean that to get service you have to pack it up and ship it somewhere, at your cost.
If you're not a gambler, buy the Samsung.

After our province has become one of the first to switchover who bought this Sanyo 22 "for a bed and breakfast I am absolutely delighted. The whole is not at all offended, he slips into the room so calm and easy to use. I like the way it is not heavy or bulky, much better than replacing the old series that has left miles behind and need a strong number and DVD player (two more electrical outlets).

The image on the Sanyo is very clear and sound a bit like me. If happily be used as a radio and during the day. Easy to use and a pleasure to see, I highly recommend buying this TV size and good DVD player. This could be easier than the DVD slot AA, relax and enjoy!

CE22LD90DV Sanyo 22-inch B-Technical details:

  • Built-in DVD
  • Resolution 1366 x 768
  • Contrast 800:1
  • Brightness of 400 m
  • Viewing angle 170H/160V

Sanyo CE22LD90DV-B 22-inch HD Ready LCD TV with digital tuner easy to install and use, with good image quality. TNT menu clear and easy to use. It plays DIVX / XVID / MPEG4 / MPEG / MP3 / JPEG / WMA. Happily plays these files via the USB port via USB and SD / SDHC card into the slot. Very nice piano black, slim and NEA, which uses only 1 watt in standby.

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