Sony Bravia double image

Sony Bravia double image

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how to stop double image from xbox elite on sony bravia tv?

how do i stop the shadow on every graphic generated by the xbox elite on my sony bravia 1080i?
i have tryed 2 hdmi cables,and both hdmi ports it is not very crisp or good graphics cause of the slight double image/shadow! is there some kind of setting in the xbox set up i have to change? or maybe a tv setting? thanks

Oh I've seen that BEFORE and discussed it several times BEFORE...

Even called the SONY TECHS the first time I saw it....Samsung TV's have the same issue too...

Seems everybody out there THINKS that turning OFF the MOTIONFLOW Video enhancement mode switches the TV from 120Hz to 60 Hz and it doesn't.

When gaming, you should deactivate the
Motionflow <

Do you see enough to understand what is turned OFF??

Or do I have to spell it out to you a 3rd time?

Sony is the world leader in consumer electronics. The company has been in the field since long, and has been rolling out beautiful home appliances. Their TVs, Music Systems, Laptops, Handy Cams, Digital and Conventional Cameras, etc have all were very well appreciated and received by the consumers. BRAVIA is a LCD HDTV brand of Sony. Here we shall see the all new BRAVIA - Sony KDL32W5500.

HDTVs are High Definition Televisions. They have a very solid picture quality and are known to provide high resolution images. BRAVIA is Sony's flagship LCD HDTV brand. These are known to give great colour quality and excellent image quality. They are equipped with the latest technologies to stream with many appliances that a dlna TV can support. This is a sibling of the Sony BRAVIA 32E550 which is actually double the cost of the Sony BRAVIA KDL32W5500.

This TV has the default black bezel blueprint found in almost all the brands of Sony. This is not as good looking as the 32E5500 but is a classy looking model. It features about four HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports. This is really nice. This also USB and Ethernet connectivity so that any dlna enabled PC can support the TV. This also provides access to Sony's Applicast online service that has content that can be viewed on the television.

This latest BE-3 or BRAVIA Engine 3 present in bravia television helps to deliver high quality viewing experience. It also is equipped with the revolutionary MotionFlow 100 Hz technology that doubles the PAL refresh rate. The menus on the screen are neatly designed and offer a whole lot of features that are truly user-friendly.

The colour quality is very perfect akin to all the other Sony products. The Sony KDL32W5500 has very beautiful night colours. This is seen when you watch the darkest of films. The quality is just awesome. The LCDs these days have really good black levels in their display, but Sony is definitely above all.

Not only black levels, this LCD TV is excellent in showing rich and highly saturated and high colour balance levels also is very perfect. The latest highly colour-rich movies like Wall-E are all a treat to watch on this new television set. The motion blur technology is also up to the mark. With the revolutionary MotionFlow technology the high action pictures are played easily without much blur effect.

The BE 3 has been exceptional in handling the HD stuff. The HD seems like real. The BRAVIA Engine really needs a salute. The only few drawbacks are that the viewing angle of the screen is a bit less. It means many people can't see the TV at a time clearly. Another problem is the audio output. It is not as strong as the rest of the competitors.

Just keeping the negative effects aside this TV is good bargain for money. It is really a nice piece to own for the HD experience BRAVIA offers. Though many competitors exist Sony truly shows the door to all of them with this KDL32W5500. I give it 8.5 / 10.

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