Sony Bravia ghosting

Sony Bravia ghosting

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I had a problem with my tv, but seems to be back to normal - please read.?

My LCD HDTV (Sony Bravia) had some type of trouble. I tried to connect something in the outlet that was connected, and I have deleted and return, but the TV does not turn off, but turns into a greenish hue. i tryed to play with the display settings, but is was not. He also made a ghost image of the last thing she sees as the left image of a second. I then turned off and on, always the same. after a few hours I realized I was going greenish tint of the parties. a day later, the ghost image is not as durable, then two days later, I could not notice anything unusual, since he had returned to normal. I wondered if there was one type of repair Mírala for what happened because its still under warranty or not their normal should cause concern. Could someone please let me know here? thank you very much

Depends on who could be an internal circuit gausing running, but if I was just to be on the safe side and that their identification as security, check you could have done damage and if it is later and the warranty is over very little contentment Provider

LCD TVs are becoming popular in many countries. LCD TV has captured a 47% share of the worldwide market with more than 60.8 million units sold during the last quarter of 2008. In early 2007 years dominated by LCD televisions bringing $ 68 billion in sales.

Televisions LCD penetrated markets of North America, Japan and Western Europe, including Western Europe has the highest percentage. The main reason for strong sales of LCD is that it became a natural replacement of the CRT. 40 "LCD TV also exceeded sales RPTV and PDP devices. The 32 "LCD TV is the most popular model among all competitors.

Although LCD televisions, which dominates in many countries there are many other technologies that are equally popular. TV Plasma is the leading provider in this market before the arrival of LCD TVs.

Plasma TVs have a major drawback to warms very quickly and with a screen size thick. Contain nitrogen trifluoride gas containing greenhouse gas emissions, used during the production of plasma TVs. In addition, energy-intensive to be making power plants from fossil fuels.

Plasma TVs also have problems with image retention -- where a group of pixels running high brightness for a long period of time results in a ghost like image on the screen. These problems have resulted in plasma TVs gradually losing their market share, leading to the new era of LCD TVs.

42PFL7422D Philips and LG 32LG70 are energy economy models is now becoming popular in many regions. Sony BRAVIA Scepter and Naga are also good models of the brand that are currently available on the market.

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