Sony Bravia green screen problem

Sony Bravia green screen problem

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HELP! Sony Bravia S-Series - Someone had a problem?

I have read other questions about this TV, but my problem is slightly different. It is only about 4-5 months. Sometimes the screen goes black and there is no volume when it is still on. The green light stays on all the time. This occurs sporadically and takes about 7 or 8 seconds. It's good TV and nothing else. Has anyone had this done or know what happens? I have the extended warranty where I bought it I think I to be able to fix the problem - whether I need to buy another Sony or not. I thought it was good television, but now I do not know.

Can you open the menu when the TV? YES YES its lamp is very good and so is your engine light ... After falling to a video processing board ... If not, then it could be any thing on the list ... But I suspect that lamp because your TV is only 4-5 months ... Why? Well tons of fireworks is wrong in the first year, due to vibration road that occurs when you send your TV. Get your receipt, make a copy for the TV repairman. You can determine if failure of the lamp if the lamp has not failed ... Fault codes stored in memory. That's why you always want to find an authorized service center Now remember .... your cable box can also be losing the image and the sound of 7-8 seconds and the green light will stay on too ... So do not assume that your TV is .... ALWAYS turn off the TV and cable box from time to time to restore the two microphones in both units to clear any faults that occur in time .... Unplug the power cord for 5 minutes ... nothing less.

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