Sony Bravia standby light flashing

Sony Bravia standby light flashing

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Stanby problem with Sony Bravia Kdl-40s2010 LCD TV!?

My Sony LCD TV turns on and gives me a perfect picture for 1-3 second, then turns off and has the standby red light flashing, at which point it will not react to the remote or buttons untill it is unplugged. When plugged back in, it does the same!

Please help if you have any insights or have gone through the same problem!

plug and unplug a few times

If you are looking for a technologically impressive television that will not break the bank the Sony KDL-46EX703, which has just been released, could be just what you are looking for. A review of the Sony KDL-46EX703 will impress even the most strict of critics.

This TV has a very nice sleek modern design. The glossy black trim attractively frames the 46 inch screen and is accented with a silver strip that runs across the bottom of the television. Really giving it a unique and attractive look.

There are an abundance of features that most of the far more expensive televisions offer, which is surprising that this one will be affordable for most people the day it is released. This should be exciting for those who love Sony and their products and are wanting to upgrade from what they may have right now.

The Sony KDL-46EX703 offers brilliant color enhancement and the contrast is superb, equaling that of other more expensive brands. The black levels are some of the best on the market. This is attributed to the Edge LED backlighting and Giga Contrast feature. This new technology not only has superb contrasts but they also save a lot of energy.

This television also comes with full HD technology and has the superior 1920 x 1080 resolution that helps make viewing your favorite television shows, movies and sports far more pleasant and exciting.

This Sony KDL-46EX703 television is also Wi Fi capable, there are no needs for a bunch of cables to hook up to you computer, just attach a wireless adaptor or what is called a USB dongle, once that is done, you will effortless be connected to your home computer network.

The Sony KDL-46EX703 comes with the famous Sony Bravia Internet Video which allows you to directly access the Internet through your television. It also has the Bravia Engine 3 which is a feature that enhances your images with superb detail and the highest possible quality contrasting that can be turned off or set to low, medium or high so that you are in control of the intensity.

The Motionflow feature helps you to enjoy the intense activity of fast action movies and live sports far more due to the ability of this television to cut down on any kind of motion blur that generally comes from these types of movies or sports.

A really nice feature that comes with the Sony KDL-46EX703 is the Presence which can detect when you have left the room and it will turn off at a set time and will turn back on when you return or can go on standby should you not come back.

The DLNA feature allows you to stream movies, videos, photos, music, etc. From just about any device you own and it can be done from anywhere, you do not have to be in the room to stream these.

The Scene Select and Cinema modes are great features on the Sony KDL-46EX703 everyone should enjoy. The Scene Select allows you to select the right atmosphere, realistic picture and sound settings to best fit whatever you are watching, all done with one touch. The Cinema mode has two modes to help give you a more realistic movie theater experience when you are watching movies. The 24p True Cinema goes hand in hand with the Cinema modes to make your movie experience even more like viewing it at a theater.

The speakers are invisible and are some of the best surround sound speakers installed in a flat screen television. This has always been a weakness with flat screens, but Sony has come up with some really good sound for this style of television.

You are offered the luxury of controlling all of your devices through the televisions single remote, this is done through the Bravia Sync. The Sony KDL-46EX703 television can also sense when the lighting changes in the room and will automatically readjust the picture to suit the lighting in the room.

Other features are the ability to use your photos with the television to create a large framed photo, which can be displayed by using the new feature Picture Frame Mode. This can make your television look like a huge framed picture when the television is not in use. There are four HDMI inputs, Integrated Freeview TV tuner and much more.

The Sony KDL-46EX703 should be a hit with those who are looking for a top of the line television at a more affordable price tag.

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